MESSEN NORD distribution partners for sewer tightness test systems and inspection camera systems

Vertriebspartner MESSEN NORD GmbH Deutschland
Vertriebspartner MESSEN NORD GmbH Deutschland
Vertriebspartner MESSEN NORD GmbH Deutschland

MESSEN NORD GmbH as a german manufacturer of tightness test devices ans sewer inspection systems distributes its products for sewer management companies and channel service companies in the areas of drink and waste water since 20 years with a well-kept network of distributors in whole Europe.


Contact us with your offer and demonstration requests, we are glad to comply with your requirements. We´ll forward you to our regional distribution partners, which will stay at your side for demonstrations, sale and after-sale support.




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MesSen Nord GmbH works as a system integrator to provide complete solutions in the industrial image processing, robotic and handling technology, process visualization and industrial measurement technology.


Mitsubishi Electric, robotics

MesSen Nord GmbH has specialised expertise in the integration of these systems handling part assembly into devices, part removal and in the assembly and test cells, as well as measurement systems.
MesSen Nord GmbH is also specialised in custom machine construction of palletizing robots, buffer stations and combined testing and sorting machines.



Siemens AG, System Partner Machine Vision

MesSen Nord is a Siemens AG "SIMATIC Machine Vision Partner". The combination of many years of experience in all areas of automation and sophisticated, industry-standard products with the experience of the system integrator enables customized solutions at a high technical level.
On the basis of image processing sensors VS 720 Series (VS721, VS722, VS723, VS724) MesSen Nord GmbH is developing customer specific image processing systems.



Keithley Instruments, Electrical Measurement System Partner

The MesSen Nord GmbH develops test and measurement solutions for the intermediate and final products to the automatic production. Keithley Instruments' high precision, industrial measuring technology forms an essential part of such measurement systems.



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