Measurement techniques to support product safety and environmental protection


5. October 1990




Business area:    

MesSen Nord GmbH develops and manufactures specialist measurement instrumentation, testing equipment and production lines for customers and markets with specific requirements. Based on our core expertise as a manufacturer of special electronics the company established itself in particular in the area of environmental protection measurements and quality assurance for the automotive supplier industry.
As we have developed our wide competency base, we can also deliver complex systems from a single source.

  • Electronics and software development
  • Measurement and sensor systems
  • Construction, special engineering, robotics applications
  • Industrial testing / image processing

Mobile test and measurement systems, inspection cameras, test cells, QA systems, sorting systems based on industrial image processing - our range of activities include some very different application areas. We create these services by adapting the existing technology and know-how and using the synergies between different departments, these services meet the technical and economic requirements.


Ask us about it, your requirements provide our motivation!

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