Environmental Monitoring Systems

Design, construction and maintenance of environmental monitoring stations and monitoring networks, data management, sensor technology, calibration


Environmental monitoring stations and monitoring networks
Design, construction and maintenance of environmental monitoring stations / monitoring networks

Internal coastal monitoring network Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (IMK)

The Coastal Department of the State Environment and Nature Department, Rostock in conjunction with the Internal Coastal Monitoring Network (IMK) are responsible for the distributed monitoring stations on the outer coast of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, continuous meteorological and hydrological multi-parameter data, which also include the water level, the swell and prevailing wind and current conditions. With the help of this data, coastal protection-related tasks such as operational planning in the flood case, the provision of design parameters for the structural design and assessment of coastal processes can be justified on the basis of sound measurements. This consists of a network of 6 stations to gather littoral data and two buoys to measure deep-water sea passages (wave riders). Add to that the water levels from the Water and Shipping Administration, particularly in the bays and lagoons.

Flyer STAUN Rostock about the IMK

Measurement station Rostock/Mühlendamm

Environmental Data Management

Creating client and server software for managing and monitoring of hydrological and meteorological data online, server operations and data analysis


Baltic Maritime Information and Monitoring System

MesSen Nord GmbH is involved in the creation of a web-based online information system to give almost real-time assessments of the meteorological and hydrographical conditions on the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern coast.



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