Industrial testing

Design and construction of equipment, test stands, intermediate testing stations, final testing stations for automated product testing, test station programming, and development of customer-specific modules, laboratory measurement


Automatic testing / inspection stations

for the intermediate and final inspection of electronic components and products. Linear or rotary designs, manual or automatic loading, automatic testing sensorf for inductive, capacitive and optical distance sensors, integrated label and cable printing.
Datasheet final testing machine

Intermediate / end testing systems

for distance sensors and electronic switches, switching distance and hysteresis, load testing, short circuit testing, polarity reversal testing, high voltage tests, residual and induced current measurement, recording the characteristics of analogue sensors, automatic switching point adjustment

Tags: Insulation test / high voltage test DIN 40050, IEC 60529, DIN EN 60947-5-6 (Namur), DIN 0660, DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN 13485:2003

Data sheet - test stations for distance sensors
Documentation: Sensor test rig for inductive and capacitive distance sensors

Test systems for flow sensors, sensor test beds

Characteristic measurement, adjustment and calibration for the measurement of flow, flow velocity, temperature and pressure  

Component assemblies

for electrical testing systems, electronic loads, signal amplifiers, high voltage power supplies    

Laboratory measurement systems

GASMESS system: Apparatus to record the amount of gas (gas production / gas usage volume measurement system) in chemical reactions under constant pressure, online record of the gas amounts / gas production and kinetic analysis of the records. 


Documentation: Normal pressure gas production / development with the GASMESS system


Together with a research group from the Leibniz Institute for Organic Catalysis Research e.V. LIKAT, Rostock, Germany ( and based on the GASMESS system a normal pressure hydrogenation device for isobaric detection of the kinetics of hydrogenation processes was developed.


Lecture excerpt Dr. Detlef Heller on the application


The GASMESS system: Normal pressure hydrogenation apparatus for the automatic registration of hydrogen consumption under Isobaric conditions


In The Handbook of Homogeneous Hydrogenation, WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA

Kinetics of Homogeneous Hydrogenations: Measurement and Interpretation

An article by

HansJoachim Drexler, Angelika Preetz, Thomas Schmidt, and Detlef Heller,

Leibniz-Institut für Katalyse e.V., Rostock

Literature Abstract: Kinetics of Homogeneous Hydrogenation: Measurement and Interpretation


The gas volume measurement apparatus GASMESS is also used in the researce of gas production reactions. Current main focus is the kinetic analysis of catalytic hydregene production (Light2Hydrogen, water to hydrogen measurement) under influence of sunlight ( as well as the catalytic hydrogene production on the base of formic acid.


With the continuous, for the analysis of volume rates up to 50 ml/min designed and under isobar process conditions working measureing apparatus GM5-CONT are non limited volumes and reaction times practicable.

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