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14.05.2018 - 18.05.2018 IFAT Munich 2018
Location: München / Munich GER

Thank You for meeting us at IFAT 2018 in Munich - it was our greatest fair with more requests than ever!


If you wern't able to meet us there, we're proud to give you a short overview:


Our highlights at IFAT 2018:


Tightness test system ROHRTEST-4 - from multi purpose sewer and shaft / tank tightness test cases up to complete assembled tightness test and measurement cars, wireless connectet water level sensors for shaft / tank tightness tests, new pipe junction tightness test system easy transportable Product link...


Sewer zoom camera STV-4 - our inspection tool for quick and low cost maintenance inspection of waste water pipes and sewers. With FULL-HD resolution, wireless controled by tablets and notebooks, motoric tild control, GPS positioning and distance measurement as new developed features. Product link...


Our products at IFAT:


We'll show you our tightness test systems, inspection camera systems and sewer cleaning car equipments, some in operation at the fair stand. If you're a potential user of this tools, only interested in our new developments or a potential distributor for your area of work you're heartly invited to meet us at this event!


Some details about our products:


System ROHRTEST-4 is modular for tightness test of pipes, sewers, shafts, seperators and pipe couples with methodes air, water, high pressure and vacuum tight testing. Click for request...


Product Flyer ROHRTEST-4 in English


The shaft camera STV-3 is designed for operational zoom inspection of sewers from the manhole without the need of entry - the easyest, cheepest way to get a "Quick view" inside pipes ans sewers. Click for request...


Application Flyer STV-3 in English


Our newest developt sewer zoom camera STV-4 (known as "Electronic sewer mirror") is our high-end solution for maintenance sewer zoom inspection from the manhole, quick to use, without need of cleaning the sewer or entering the manhole. With cable-less remote control, motoric tild and FULL-HD resolution, GPS positioning and distance metering this zoom camera represents the state of technology. Click for request...


Data sheet STV-4 in English


You're welcome to learn our systems at the inside stand as at the demonstration area outdoors - partners from all over Europe will be with us to satisfy your needs directly at your locations at home.


contact us to commit a date before...



Make a personal appointment with our Sales manager Mr. Machka for a visit at this IFAT, or request more informations directly:


Steffen Machka, Sales Manager

mobile / WhatsApp +49 175 4152354

E-Mail: s.machka(at)



Training offered by the LGA Würzburg / TÜV Rheinland

Technical qualification course for separator devices in accordance DIN 1999-100         Course Flyer


The testing equipment ROHRTEST-SP04 from MesSen Nord GmbH has LGA approval for testing separators according to DIN 1999-100 / DIN 4040-100 dated 07.02.2000, Approval Number 0020220-01



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