Catalogue: Manhole Zoom Camera STV-3: Electronic sewer inspection with integrated distance measurement

System component
Manhole Zoom Camera STV-3: Electronic sewer inspection with integrated distance measurement (STV3-SET)
STV-3 Sewer Zoom Inspection Camera Set STV-3 Sewer Zoom Inspection Camera Set
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This zoom inspection camera tool, developt and presented from MESSEN NORD first at IFAT 2010 and further developed until now with great success provides the inspection of waste water sewers and shafts / manholes without the need of man entering. To increase the performance and to reduce the costs of sewer management are the aims of its usage.


System description:


Remote controlled manhole zoom camera (Man hole and pipeline survey camera, Pole Camera, Electronic Sewer Mirror) with a QuickLock rod system 8-16 m length, 4 LED high-powered lights and control panel for the evaluation and documentation of the state of pipelines, sewers, shafts, separators and collectors (-> Electronic channel imaging, video channel imaging)


The camera unit has a spring loaded, adjustable support to stay in the centre of pipes DN 150 - 1000 and is complete with spotlights and laser distance sensors, both horizontal and vertical tilt. For greater diameters than DN 1000 we suggest the usage of our additional tripoid support for camera positioning.


Images and videos can be saved onto an integrated SD card or via USB 2.0 on wired or wireless (WiFi) connected PC by pressing a button during the inspection, or transferred to a connected Tablet PC or Notebook and reports generated using the specially developed inspection software SCHACHT-INSPECTOR to DIN EN 13508-2 standards or included in the general inspection report according to EN 858 / DIN 1999-100 / DIN 4040-100. The standard video ports on the operating panel allow the continued use and connection of your current video inspection system.


Manhole inspection software SCHACHT-INSPECTOR in line with DIN EN 13508-2 with integrated shaft development and panorama picture creation, ISYBAU / XML interface for inspection data export and inspection report generation.


Supplied with the options: Tripod, telescopic rods 8-16 m, battery pack, WiFi-Connector, car power adapter and tablet PC with inspection software


The integrated laser distance sensor permits measurement of the shaft and containment structures examined horizontally and vertically without the necessity to entering yourself.


One tool, two uses:


1. Manhole camera

Inspection / measurement / documentation of the condition of manholes and tanks (oil separators, grease traps, collection tanks) without need for entry (shaft inspection / container inspection)


2. Video drain and pipe inspection

Assessment and documentation of the operating condition of pipes and ducts without the need to enter to permit the so-called "tailored cleaning" by drain washing / high pressure cleaning technique (electronic drain inspection, video drain inspection, deposit build-up examination)


Inspection videos at YouTube:


Plastics pipe DN 300 shaft to shaft, Stadt Herford


General sewer with spiral conveyor


Inspection of general serwer in operation


Shaft / Manhole inspection: Application video


Inspection video of an high pressure sewer cleaning





Camera and software documentation (German)


Shaft inspection report (German)




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