MesSen Nord at the IFAT 2008

Nachricht vom 05/09/2008
  • Systems for checking for leaks for piping, - systems for inspection of socket fittings - technology for separator inspection
  • Software for the certification of the main inspection DIN 1999-100 / DIN 4040-100
  • Inspection cameras for house connection - digital video recorder - detection devices
  • Cameras for ducts and separators - laser measurements of reservoirs
  • Flushing vehicle-hose length measuring devices - remote controls with feedback channel


New: Checking vehicle / checking trailer planning directly on the CAD-system,
          combinations with TV- and high pressure flushing installations

Products and system solutions for the servicing and renovation of waste water systems were presented to national and international visitors. Together with their southern German regional representative, Otto Schramek Kommunalbedarf GmbH, systems for inspection for leaks, inspection cameras and the respective accessories were demonstrated working under simulated field conditions. A focal point were system solutions, which are, for instance, required for the inspection of single socket connections and the complete general inspection check of a separator. The CAD-system that was present on the trade fair stand allowed for the interactive planning of special vehicles and trailers as combined variation of system for leak checks, camera inspection and high pressure flushing.


We would like to thank all the visitors to our stand, particularly those, whose patience was tried due to the overwhelming interest. The to some extent very intense specialist conversations made the 5 days of trade fair fly by for us and the abundance of requests, information and suggestions will be a drive and direction for the further development of our product lines.


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