In-house exhibition by Rimtec and clearTec Systems

Nachricht vom 10/04/2008

On the 3rd and 4th October 2008 the first in-house exhibition of this type took place in the event centre Hünenberg with the involvement of many partners and suppliers. MesSen Nord GmbH was present with various model ranges of systems for checking for leaks for piping, socket fittings and ducts / separators as well as with the inspection camera system.
As to be expected, questions focussing on the requirements for systems for checking for leaks after SIA 190 / VSA were at the centre point of the customer interest at the MesSen Nord GmbH stand. In specialist conversations with the sales director Herr Machka, questions arising from the current certification requirement could be answered and the requirements for the further development of the inspection systems could be directly discussed.
The superb feedback from this event stressed the prominent positioning of the organisers on the Swiss market. Many thanks to the organisers and all visitors!







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