7. Rostock Technology evening

Nachricht vom 12/05/2007

As an initiative and organised by the University of Rostock and the IHK (Chamber of Commerce) Rostock a “Workgroup Technology Location Rostock” was founded, uniting regional actors and supporters for this topic. One of the ideas of this workgroup is to carry out regular technology evenings in Rostock, introducing scientific and practically relevant topics to the interested public.

On invitation from the LIKAT, MesSen Nord GmbH arranged the 7th meeting of this series. The Catalysis Research Laboratory in Rostock has been a regular customer of MesSen Nord GmbH for many years now. Main areas of the orders are special measuring techniques for gas volumes (isobar gas consumption measurements, measurement of gas formation at normal pressure), control technology for analysis appliances (pressure - NMR) as well as special software for measured value acquisition and measured value analysis (CANALYS). 




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