10. RO-KA-TECH from the 19-21.03.2008 in Kassel

Nachricht vom 03/21/2008

It was the largest, most visited and - for MesSen Nord GmbH - most successful RO-KA-TECH of all times. The interest in house connection checking systems, sets for separator inspection, house connection cameras, sleeve connection inspection systems and the necessary accessories (self rescuer, gas warners) steamrollered us and our sales partner from Otto Schramek Kommunalbedarf GmbH. Many customers were wearing buttons proclaiming “I’m not taking part in the recession” and, opposed to the general atmosphere, the signs were clearly set towards deciding future investments. For example, something not seen for a long time, various inspection systems were ordered directly at the trade fair stand.

We would like to thank all the visitors - particularly all those happy long-term customers who passed “just so” or asked for the latest pipe inspection software update, and to say sorry to all those who we didn’t offer a Matjes herring bread roll, and we promise to work off the mountain of requests as quickly as possible.



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